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The Conflict IV

Chapter 4


The transport has arrived, I had a sigh of relief, but it soon disappeared when he saw more of those giant black and red things, I knew they were still Tekates, but different. I was frozen there for a moment, he was staring right straight into a rocket, but before he even got back at his senses, someone pulled him out of the way, “What’s wrong with you?!?! Do you want yourself to get killed?!”Ughh, Martin?” “Yes it’s me! Now get up!”, after the area had almost been cleared, they knew there will be more coming, so then Sarge spoke up “Okay, listen up! We’re going to need a few volunteers to hold off these robot bozos” “I volunteer” Martin spoke up, 9 others volunteered too.

Sarge spoke up again “Okay, you do know this is a suicide mission? No one will be coming back alive, so all of you men that volunteered today, are very brave soldiers” I quickly then ran straight to Martin and shouted at him “Are you crazy?! Sarge said it himself! This is a suicide mission! No one will be coming back for you!” “If none of us volunteered, we’d all be dead! It’s the heart of a volunteer that gave us our freedom today! Captain Genio gave up his life! For the freedom of mankind! And so did 9 other people!”Martin, I’ve never seen you like this… What happened to you?” “What happened? The truth happened Felix, it all came to me right at the beginning of this mission, I know what I have to do!” I was speechless, I never saw him like this. He didn’t used to be this brave.

I was the last to leave, I didn’t want to leave at all, but I had to, before I came inside, I talked to Martin one more time “Goodbye, Martin, you’ve been a good friend, see you on the other side. “Same with you my good friend, same with you…” Then the doors closed, and we were off, I’ve never felt so sad, so depressed, it was like there was nothing to live for, I mean, losing your best friend, I just couldn’t get over that, but I had to soon…

When the transport arrived at the HQ, I felt stiff, I didn’t want to move a muscle. But again, I had to… I quickly went to my quarters, I couldn’t sleep that night, I didn’t know what to do, he was like family to me.

(to be continued)


The Conflict III

Chapter 3

“Hold the Line”

We’re going to have to set up defense until back up arrives, we’ll need all the flares we can scavenge if we want to make it alive, the Tekates will come from all sides, anyone got a plan?” “I have one! We need some men on the towers, 2 men to set up the barricades, we need 2 men to act as scouts, 3 men to try radio contact, and 1 man to pop the flares”, “I’ll volunteer to be the scout!” Felix shouted, “Okay! We need one more!” Martin quickly volunteered “I’ll volunteer too sir!” “Martin, are you crazy?!?” “Well… We are all brothers! In the 1st generation Captain Genio and 9 Elites gave their lives! To this very day a band of brothers always have to give their lives! That means for everyone!” the Sergeant quickly replied “Okay men! Let’s move out!” me and Martin quickly went to prone position in a nearby cliff, we saw millions of Tekates there was like a thousand there! And the last one was about 25, we quickly rushed off to return to Sarge, but then a few Tekates came rushing out of nowhere and attacked us, before I could even know what was happening my arm just blocked the Tekate blow, as I looked at my arm there was no damage! I was surprised!

But before I could remember what was happening, a Tekate again charged but again the same arm blocked it, then I remembered I had guns, I quickly then got my bolter pistol, I shot the Tekate right in the head, I just then realized that I was out of ammo, I quickly threw my bolter pistol in the direction of a Tekate, I grabbed my assault rifle, it was a lot of ruckus, it was enough that the entire outpost could hear it, Sarge quickly radioed me, “What is going on in there?!?” “A Tekate ambush sir!” “There’s no use fighting them off! Just fall back!” I was about to reply but a Tekate charged at me and almost got my head, if it weren’t for the radio, I would’ve been dead! “We have no choice but to fall back!” we began running as fast as we can, I began shooting behind us to stall them, we were almost there, but another Tekate ambush, we still kept running, when we arrived to the barricade we quickly jumped, “Shoot! Shoot!” everyone began to fire.

It was a long night, the Tekates have breached the barricades, all hope was lost, but then I saw a Chinook from afar, it was the back up!”Guys! Over there!” “Good! If we can survive long enough, that is…” “Keep Firing!” we were overpowered, we had to retreat to the bunker, “Sarge, we’re not going to make it!” “Just keep firing soldier!” When all hope was lost, a light caught my eye, it came closer and closer I quickly shouted “We’re going to make it! Back up has arrived!” “What are you talking about?!” “Over there! That light!” “It’s The Gen Elites!” as a Tekate was pulling my leg I quickly grabbed my knife, and slashed it’s torso open, it revealed a few wires that lead to a sort of glowing thing, I didn’t know what it was, I was planning on leaping and running right straight into a turret, hopefully stalling them, but then a EMP grenade almost hit my head, as I turned around I saw, what appears to be a man in armor, the entire suit was black, and it had blue decorations, as I looked closely I saw a small text, saying Gen Elite #092, “It’s the Gen Elites! They’ve arrived! We’re saved!” as then a new Tekate appeared, It was weird looking, the base was black, and the decorations were red, all tangled up in a few wires, again I saw a small text, saying Tekate #001, “Woah, look at that thing!” “What is it?” the Sarge quickly interrupted our conversation and shouted “I don’t know! Just shoot it!” we all then kept shooting it, but alas, it did no damage…

As the transport was near, they almost broke through our flank, we all had ran out of munitions , the only choice we had to do was to either knife them, or push them off. I was the only one that could take them on hand-to-hand combat, one of them almost shot my arm, it was a fearsome battle, but the transport has arrived…

The Conflict II

Chapter 2


Wake up Felix!””Ughhh-“,”Felix! They’re coming!” “Ughh- My Head”, “Get Up! We Are Leaving!”But before I was about to stand up, my arm just reached out of nowhere catching a grenade I didn’t even notice, then my arm just crushed it without it being detonated, I was about to speak up before a Tekate nearly sliced my arm off, but quickly again my other arm just broke through the Tekate’s body like a knife cuts through butter, after a wild battle the transport arrived, but there were still like a legion of Tekates swarming around us!

I was going to speak up to Martin, but Martin ordered us all to run to the transport, but our sergeant spoke up “But Martin! We won’t make it in time!” Martin replied “Oh yes we will sergeant” I then spoke up “But how Martin? There are like a hundred of them or so” “I’ll stall them while you all escape” “Are you crazy Martin?!?! You’ll die!” “Well, it seems that I have served Gen well, see you in the other side, my best friend” “No Martin! Please! Don’t do this to me!” but before I could speak another word, the sergeant then quickly grabbed me, I had no choice but to run, but I just couldn’t help look back, I just can’t let my best friend die knowing he did this for my survival, but right inside the transport I just quickly said “Open the ramp” the sergeant then replied “Are you mad? Do you want to die with Martin?!?”

“I know what I’m doing! Now just open the ramp!” “Fine! Pilot! Open the ramp!” Before I even thought of anything I just jumped out of the ramp, I didn’t even bring a parachute, but quickly my arm just stretched out to a nearby cliff, I was clinging on the cliff, so I did the smart thing and jump again, then attach in the cliff again, I kept repeating the process until I reached the ground, at that point I didn’t really care if I didn’t think of that, or how my arm had enough strength to do that, all I really cared about saving Martin.

He was like a Brother to me, and I was like a brother to him, so I couldn’t just let him die, even if I had to give up my own life, I ran as quickly as I can, as I came closer I heard gunshots and screams of pain, but I realized I was on top of a cliff below where Martin was, so I had to jump without thinking again, and quickly my arm reached out again and straight into a Tekate just completely crushing it’s head.

“What are you doing here?!?! I told you to get to the transport” “I can’t just leave you here!” “But why?” “Because you’re my best friend, we’ve been friends since we were kids, you were like a Brother to me”, “Fine, Let’s go, good thing I remember the path to the outpost, but it will take us days” “Well we better get moving” “Woah!” As a Tekate nearly slashed off my arm, I quickly shot it with a bolter pistol, “Well we better get ready, the army we probably faced was just round 1, there will be more, if we’re going to move, we move now” “Let’s Go” All we could ever do was just continue the trek at morning and rest at nights, we’re not going to risk an ambush, we took turns each night for watch.

At long last the trek has ended, we finally made it to the outpost, or so we thought, as we came closer and closer, we began to see that no one was on duty, I thought that they were just asleep, but then as we arrived, all we saw was dead bodies, a few destroyed Tekates, and a crashed transport, as we scavenged a few items, we saw Sarge, He was lying in the ground, he was unconscious, we put him in the tent, and we continued to scavenge, we saw more unconscious soldiers, and we put them in the tent as well, as Sarge regained consciousness he quickly shouted “Where Am I!??!?! What Happened?!?” as we came rushing in the tent , we quickly paused, “I don’t know what happened, maybe the Tekates got to the outpost, we’re just lucky we survived, trust me, there will be more…”