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The Conflict IV

Chapter 4


The transport has arrived, I had a sigh of relief, but it soon disappeared when he saw more of those giant black and red things, I knew they were still Tekates, but different. I was frozen there for a moment, he was staring right straight into a rocket, but before he even got back at his senses, someone pulled him out of the way, “What’s wrong with you?!?! Do you want yourself to get killed?!”Ughh, Martin?” “Yes it’s me! Now get up!”, after the area had almost been cleared, they knew there will be more coming, so then Sarge spoke up “Okay, listen up! We’re going to need a few volunteers to hold off these robot bozos” “I volunteer” Martin spoke up, 9 others volunteered too.

Sarge spoke up again “Okay, you do know this is a suicide mission? No one will be coming back alive, so all of you men that volunteered today, are very brave soldiers” I quickly then ran straight to Martin and shouted at him “Are you crazy?! Sarge said it himself! This is a suicide mission! No one will be coming back for you!” “If none of us volunteered, we’d all be dead! It’s the heart of a volunteer that gave us our freedom today! Captain Genio gave up his life! For the freedom of mankind! And so did 9 other people!”Martin, I’ve never seen you like this… What happened to you?” “What happened? The truth happened Felix, it all came to me right at the beginning of this mission, I know what I have to do!” I was speechless, I never saw him like this. He didn’t used to be this brave.

I was the last to leave, I didn’t want to leave at all, but I had to, before I came inside, I talked to Martin one more time “Goodbye, Martin, you’ve been a good friend, see you on the other side. “Same with you my good friend, same with you…” Then the doors closed, and we were off, I’ve never felt so sad, so depressed, it was like there was nothing to live for, I mean, losing your best friend, I just couldn’t get over that, but I had to soon…

When the transport arrived at the HQ, I felt stiff, I didn’t want to move a muscle. But again, I had to… I quickly went to my quarters, I couldn’t sleep that night, I didn’t know what to do, he was like family to me.

(to be continued)