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An ordained minister and registered social worker, Rev. Edwin Ibanez Lariza has integrated spirituality in the   service of the people  in his administrative and leadership  functions in the academe, church and community endeavors,  and professional organizations, respectively. Consistent advocate in  the social work profession and pastoral ministry, he was awarded as  one of the Ten Outstanding Social Workers of the Philippines  in 2004. The Convention Baptist Ministers Association which he led as national president for six years bestowed on him the honor as President Emeritus in 2010.

However, he  has also a foretaste of  media and publications work, having been trained in journalism and basic video production. As such,  he  served as publication officer of Central Philippine University for three years. Other writing experiences  consist  of a decade work as editor-in-chief of church related publications and  moderator/adviser of the University yearbook and other student publications. He has  written a book on spirituality and community service and co authored a service learning resource book and textbook on religion and ethics.

Other media exposure includes  serving as  executive producer & host of CATV show and program coordinator/manager  of the University Channel. Currently, he maintains a TV show and radio program which discusses politics, spirituality and service.

A product of  the Central Philippine University and  Convention Baptist Bible College where he completed his Bachelor of Theology; Bachelor of Science in Social Work and  Diploma in Theology, respectively, Rev. Lariza. earned his Master of Social Work  from the University of the Philippines- Diliman.

Rev. Lariza is a consistent advocate of volunteerism. Among his voluntary involvements are as follows:  president and chief executive officer of CPU Katin-aran Communities Inc.; executive director of Iloilo House of Refuge (Crisis Center for Women and Children); president, Iloilo Coalition of NGOs and POs (ICON); coordinator, VOICE-Western Visayas, network of volunteer organizations; president, Centralian Volunteers; regional chairman and member of the national board of the Philippine Association of Social Workers and the National Association for Social Work Education; and member of the Executive Committee of the Regional Development Council  Western Visayas, being the chairman of the Social Development Committee.

An organizer of various  NGOs and  networks,  Rev. Lariza has played significant role in networking and volunteerism. Having been  elected  as  NGO representative to the Executive Committee  of Provincial Development Council (PDC), he served as co-chair of the Governor of the Province in the PDC for three consecutive terms. It was in such capacity that he initiated the move which resulted to both provincial and city  ordinances that institutionalized the celebration of the  NGO-PO Week in Iloilo every first week of December to give due recognition to the role of NGOs, POs, and other civil society organizations in nation building.

While undergoing medication, he resumes work as professor in Central Philippine University, Iloilo City.  Rev. Lariza also heads the Learning Institute for the Fullness of Life and Empowerment (LIFE), Inc. A professional body of volunteer social workers, educators, clergy, lay, youth, community development workers  that  advocates the attainment of the fullness of life and empowerment by  providing lifetime  opportunities for learning and service.

4 responses to “Author’s Profile

  1. Great man of God!

  2. Thanks, Ving. I continue my interrupted service through blogging. It is also therapeutic. You will find my struggles particularly in Faith Journey and PADAYON blogs. After undergoing various tests of times and circumstances since our college days, I thought everything would be fine after I went back to my first love- when elected as CBMA president for two consecutive terms. I gave my best for pastors and for the CPBC especially theological institutions. I volunteered in CBBC, NNBBC and SONBI and hold extension classes for pastors in 5 centers as far as north and south Negros, Culasi, Antique and Roxas City for almost 3 years.But my body has limitations, unlike my spirit.It gave in to extreme pressures both from my work in CPU. While it was a devastating experience for me and my family, I never give up believing in the grace of God and power of prayer. The very gradual healing process shows that God is not through with me yet.

  3. Yes sir, I believe it too. This night i will pray for your fast recovery specifically. Continue to inspire us, specially the young pastors to carry out your vision with compassion. God bless you and your family.

  4. Thanks, Pastor. Sickness and consequent physical limitation has never dampen my spirit to serve. That most critical point in my life when I was about to take my last breath will remain as a reminder to my commitment. I made this appeal to God: “Not now, Lord… for my family, for CBMA, and there are evil to fight against.” God answered my prayer. He has lengthen my life. While in the process of recovery, I take time with my family- the thing I neglected before due to my hectic schedule. More so, that this is a critical period in their growth. I am just waiting for God’s own time to restore my health and resume my mission with the CBMA. Meanwhile, I make us of the web to continue sharing ideas, reflections and insights

    I must tell you that the feeling is mutual. Young pastors like you have inspired me to keep on no matter what. It was the young pastors who supported me fearlessly when I felt the brunt of the powers- that- be for frustrating their devious plan. Yes, PADAYON. God is with us.

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